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I’ve known Peter professionally for 15 years and his goals for the beauty industry have remained constant—consultation and analysis, tailoring the care to the client’s specific needs both in-salon and at home, and using a totally professional care line only available in salons. Salons which have based their businesses on his ideas have been enormously successful.”
Gianni Siniscalchi
Gianni Hair & Skin Care, NJ

“Essence Magazine named me one of the top treatment centers in the US. With the ÆSTELANCE SYSTEM, I can put the proper product in my client’s hands through analysis, get maximum results and obtain loyalty which keeps my client coming back. We’ve been using Aromatherapy and scalp care for years, first introduced by Peter before anyone had a clue. I feel my long association with him has put my business on the top.”
George Buckner
Hair Fashions East, NY

“I’ve always been a caring professional. ÆSTELANCE gives me the tools to do my utmost to care for my clients. I trust Peter, what he has always stood for.”
Violeta DeFeo, NY

“I love the system and Peter is always there for me. I accomplish what I couldn’t before.”
Santa Cruz
Salon Santa Cruz, NY

“Gives me the confidence to guarantee services such as successful scalp balancing. The ÆSTELANCE system gives hair great strength and a beautiful natural sheen.”
Gwen Staples
Gwen Staples, CA

“Nothing else even comes close”
Christopher Pluck
Christopher Pluck, NJ

As professionals, we at DK Salon appreciate anyone who takes the time to address all issues individually. With ÆSTELANCE and SEMPRE, we find this request has been fulfilled from scalp and hair to styling and finishing. Thank you!
Kenny Saenz
DK Salon, MD

Inestra products enable me to get the results I want without guesswork. Peter takes the time to make sure I understand what each product is designed to do and Jola quickly responds to all my requests. The combination of products and personal support makes my job as a stylist much easier and more interesting. My clients and I both benefit.
Deb Hines
Studio 500, MD

The mud conditioning treatment is the finest conditioner ever used in the salon.
Shermin Farzam
Salon Shahin, CT

We can offer personalized services with the highest quality of hair care. We believe success begins when client goals are respected and achieved. Our priority is to reveal a person’s natural beauty. Through the education program we can create an effective diagnosis and treatment program for the client.
Bege McDermott & Judy Kilareski
Artistic Designs, PA

I find ÆSTELANCE products contain the finest quality ingredients which produce excellent results.
Robert Bonito
Salon Salon, CT

It’s a pleasure to do business with Peter & Jola. They are exceptional people who have created an exceptional hair care line.
Elizabeth Rubin
D.J. Nissenholtz
D.J. Rubin, NY