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Curly-locks! Curly-locks! Willt thou be mine? Thou shalt not wash dishes, nor feed swine.
But sit on a cushion & sew a fine seam. And feed upon strawberries, sugar & cream.

—Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

International trade/fashion magazines and TV hairstyles have more volume with movement/curls/waves and less straight /flat. What are the hallmarks of well-cared-for curly hair? Sheen, flow. volume, bounce, distinctive curl...not frizz. How do you get that? Three things: condition, condition, condition! The Aestelance Protein—Lipids—Moisture concept makes it easy.

Curly and very curly hair tends to be naturally drier. If we make hair curly with chemistry it will certainly be drier. Add color and highlights and you get even drier hair—frizzy, straw-like, dull. Also make a distinction between dryness caused by lack of oil or dryness caused by lack of moisture.

Cleanse! Choose a shampoo that is gentle, scalp specific and right for your hair texture. ÆSTELANCE gives you 8 choices. Most moisture retention will come from Moisture Cream shampoo, most lipids from Shampoo D, most fullness and protein from Shampoo D/F. Shampoo S/F is excellent for long, curly hair. If you need to address a different scalp problem at the same time try Shampoo F/I for flaky, irritated scalp or Shampoo O for oily scalp.

Moisturize! Oil dry hair needs lipids. Oil

Complex is the solution. Moisture dry hair needs Moisture Pack which adds moisture —lots of it. Fine, limp hair needs strength from protein. Ask your ÆSTELANCE Specialist about Hair Repair Emulsion treatments which infuse the hair with moisture and light lipids. Hair Repair Cream treatments contain all three elements and give the necessary strength. Coarser, damaged hair needs Hair Conditioner containing all three vital components but richer in lipids. It also has a softening property.

As a "leave in" to prevent frizz and to calm the hair, Hair Revitalizer Balm is ideal, unless the hair is very fine which needs Hair Moisturizer. Hair Revitalizer Spray is excellent for fine hair.

Design! The best choice is TriGel to keep the moisture in and frizz out. Aromatic Lotion is a wonderful curl enhancer which also adds moisture. Protective Hair Cream adds sheen, protects from drying out and keeps out humidity. For more texture use Butter Cream. The Shea butter adds conditioning elements. A final spritz of Lustre adds life and sparkle. For curls with color choose design products with a sun filter—SoftSpray, Spray Super, Butter Cream and Protective Hair Cream, Lustre.




Condition curly hair.

Curly hair gets dry at the ends. Don't condition roots. It can flatten hair. Work conditioner from middle to the ends.

Practice nozzle know-how.
Shooting a blow-dryer over curls will flatten them. Use a diffuser which helps curls keep their shape.

Do the brush-off.
Never brush a curl. You'll lose it. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to detangle and style.

Shampoo in moderation.
Don't overshampoo. Every three or four days should do it. For morning styling, simply rewet using a spray bottle or, if you have time, rinse and condition.


Always Sleep With a Satin Pillow.
Your hair will be better able to retain the natural oils which condition the hair naturally. In contrast to satin, a cotton pillow case will absorb these natural oils which may be great for oily, straight hair but not for curls!

Achieve a Beautiful, Shiny and Curly Look Without Frizz.
Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner after washing. Tilt head down, flip hair forward and blow-dry the roots. When this area is fairly dry, gently flip the hair back and allow to dry naturally. When the hair is completely dry, scrunch it with the fingers.

Create a Sophisticated Wave to Keep the Hair Off the Face. After washing, apply gel throughout the hair, especially the hair .

line. Next, put on a headband. While hair is still damp, push the hair forward and then back again. Allow your hair to dry naturally

Avoid the Dreaded Frizz Attack.
Never disturb curly hair while it is drying.

Create a Softer, Botticelli Curl.
Allow hair to air-dry. Then section the hairline away from the rest of the hair. Wrap the sectioned hair around a natural boar bristle round brush and blow-dry it. When you are done, gently combine the two textures with your fingers and voila—a softer look!

Sexy Locks for a Night Out.
Use bobby pins in a shade that matches your hair color. Lift and tack the hair in sections and sculpt a dazzling creation.

(Courtesy of Santa Cruz, New York)